Photo Critique for Daescu Remus

Black and white portraiture criitique Hello Tudor! I saw your photo critique section on you website and i decided to sent you 3 of my images for a honest critique […]

Black and white portraiture criitique

Hello Tudor! I saw your photo critique section on you website and i decided to sent you 3 of my images for a honest critique from your professional eye! i saw most of your videos and i learned a lot from them and i think you do a amazing job by sharing them with the rest of the world! its really helpful if you are a beginner like me! I bought my camera about 4 months ago and i was a total beginner and still am! its just that i am a painter and photography helps me a lot in painting , this is even one of my reasons that i bought a camera! so i know composition rules from my academy and so but i apply wich suit for me! I am sending you 3 of my best pictures that i selected from all the photos that i took since i bought my camera! My camera is a NIKON D5100 with a fix 35mm lens in 1.8, wich is all the “equipment” i have so far! some of wich i am sending might be shot with an 85mm in 1.8 cause i had a chance to try out the lens and it was awsome! I live in Romania , and finished academy of painting here if you are familiar with this country judging by your name, hope im not wrong, then you probably  know how hard is to invest in photography equipment having an average job and average salary!! but anyway, my plan is to learn all that i can in order to make money out of photography and manage my painting time in parralel! I love both, and i love the visual art domain and i want to make it my default way of life! now as a professional photographer , as yourself, do you think it is possible such thing? And please if you have time to critique my photos i would be more than gratefull! I mention that all photos were taken before i saw any of your videos and i was playing with the camera and effects! i love black and white pictures with strong dramatic contrast of light and shadow and i edit them accordingly! hope you enjoy! thank you for your time and i am looking forward to your reply and opinion!
Best wishes from Romania!
Remus Daescu

Many thanks for submitting  your work here today my name is Simon I am one of the judging panel for The Academy of Photography

I will be providing my own personal feeback on your images, so lets get started.



Image 1 Portrait

Content 7-10
Clearly a portrait in B&W which works well here A nice sunny day by the looks of things, my first reaction would be to start with the harsh lighting though not terrible but some room for improvement, shooting in harsh sun light has it’s issues causing harsh shadows on the face and neck line it all depends on the look you may have wanted at the time, as a rule using some fill in flash light would help here to compensate for the harsh shadows.
Other than that general content is ok.
Composition 6.5-10
There are many ways to shoot portraits whether being a lot closer further way etc, as general composition goes this isn’t to bad, I feel there is to much space above the head I would have cropped this down some more, also the specs in the background are a little distracting, as we are mainly wanting peoples eye attention straight to the subject.
rule of thirds, It is slightly off to the right however I feel this is totally fine once it has been cropped down. Good effort.
Quality 7-10
Good all round sharpness clear image. Good.

Image 2 Child

Content 5-10
Content here is very general nothing to special does seem like a snap shot not sure if B&W would do this full justice i’m thinking may be colour would have be a good move as the background has a lot of texture in it and may have worked well with the subject.
Composition 6-10
Composition is not to bad may be have the subject a little more to the left  to show some negative space along with the door, I understand you were using a wide open aperture f/1.8 however the door itself is in two focus brackets partly in focus and out of focus, something to think about I would have had the door in focus along with the subject to give more definition. Some fill light also would have make the image stand out a little more, as well as some parts of the image are a little dark around the collar etc. Overall a good effort.
Quality 6.5-10
good quality on the face starting off with a 85mm or any f/1.8 lens can be a challenge it’s I feel a lens that you work upto as mastering these particular lenses can be tricky at times.

Image 3 smoking man

Content 5-10
Content is very general there are I feel some distractions with this image for example the door handles, the edge of the light source above would be a concern however they can be easily removed with cropping and some photoshop editing.
I feel the image is a little dark for my taste again some fill in flash would bring some new detail of the face and hands back into the picture.
Composition 6-10
I like the composition generally it has some balance to it.
Quality 6-10
Again as the other images suggest with regards the lens there is some mix of out of focus and in focus points again a trait of the wide aperture lenses that again take time to master, but overall a good all round image for a beginner.

Many thanks for submitting your work I hope that the feedback I have left gives some insight into some tips and tricks and basic techniques with regards your photography, we all have a starting point and it does tale patient and time to achieve the look we want, I would suggest keep going keep taking as many photos as you as the practicing  makes perfect as they say, you will pick many ideas, for techniques and tips for  all forms of photogrpahy all over the internet including Christian’s youtube channel. We would like to see more of your work as you progress, keep up the good work.


Best wishes






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