Photo Critique for Isabella Cassisa & Nelb Rodrigues

Hi there Isabella & Nelb many thanks for submitting your work today my name is Simon & I am one of the Judging panel here at The Academy of Photography

I will be providing feedback of your images that you have submitted and proving my personal comments on your work.


Image 1 Golden sand
Golden Sand
content 6-10
As general content goes ocean views are not uncommon in photography, however with the right mix of colour, contrast and general interest they can produce some amazing results
I see a general image here of the ocean, sadly without any foreground subject or background interest however I do like the mix of sunset or early morning sunrise effect.
Composition 5-10
as composition goes with this type of ocean scene I would say that it is ok as a rule using the lens at 50mm f/5.6  I may have used a smaller aperture of  f/16 to capture some more detail within the waves.
I can see that it was shot at 60th sec which is the limit for having a steady shot without any camera shake, was you using a tripod at all ? as using a tripod will steady the camera and you can shoot at lower shutter speeds without the blur, however as this is a ocean scene and moving the longer the shutter the more blur you will have great if your looking for that dramatic image, its the small things to way up when taking into consideration the time of day and your shutter speed and aperture etc.
Quality 5-10
General quality of what I can see is quite low maybe again due to low shutter speed if hand held has caused the image to be slightly blurry sadly.
Image 2 wall of images
Content 6-10
Interesting content it’s always good to take photographs of the world around us I can see what you are trying to achieve here and is a good effect.
Composition 6-10
Composition is good you have captured the person in the frame as well as the wall art on display. Also some things to watch for are the shadows coming from the left hand side to me this draws the eye away from the main interest of the photograph, as well as the slight half picture in frame on the left as well, it’s the little things like these that draw peoples eyes away to see what they are, simple cropping in post processing can take these away.
Quality 4.5-10
Sadly again taking this image at 1/40th sec has resulted in a blurred image it would have the same characteristics as the first image during the evening or early morning as this image is taking inside it would also be a low light situation, There is some harsh shadows being cast by the foreground person suggesting a flash was present here or some very bright lighting? .
Isabella & Nelb,
Once again thank you for submitting your work, I hope that my comments may assist you with your photography I understand that a mirrorless camera’s are coming along in the world today and are a great  entry level camera to start out with with a nice selection of lens to suit all types of photography.
My last advise to you would be to concentrate on your camera shutter speeds remembering 1/60th sec hand held is the limit i would go of taking a hand held photo with out the aid of a tripod, and that any photo taking higher than 1/60th of a second will be sharper. For example If you camera was set to lets say 1/160th sec your picture will freeze the action much faster and result in non blurriness images, however you will see the settings on your camera change in different environments that you encounter mornings, Midday, afternoon and dusk, light changes all the time the camera will try to make the best choices for you however you can tell the camera what you want from the settings by either manually setting them yourself, try some experiments if different lighting conditions and you will find out so much from the light that surrounds us each day.
Some other quick rules to remember using ISO, if your in a low light situation try a higher ISO this will help with increasing your shutter speed.
Aperture setting  set to (if available) f/2.8 will let in more light to your camera thus giving a higher shutter speed, if your aperture is set to   f/22 for example it will let less light in.
I hope these tips help, and please feel free to ask any questions that we can assist you in you photography.
Best wishes

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