Photo critique for James King

Many thanks RJames for submitting your today, my name is Simon I am one of the judges for
the Academy of photography, I will be going through your images and providing my personal
feedback of your work.
Christian Tudor
Kata Hill - Phuket
Image 1 Phuket Kata hill
Content 9-10
Wow what a view Landscape photography is some of the most relaxing I feel personally, this is fantastic view the colours are very rich from the different levels of blue in the surrounding hills.
Excellent shot.
Composition 9-10
Perfect is all I can say. 🙂
Quality 8.5-10
I can only image what the full size raw image looks like sadly the scaled down version would never do this justice, but this is a great image something to look at for some time
Excellent work James.
Rawai Pier - Phuket
Image 2 Phuket river Pier
Content 8-10
love this image as wellagain landscape photography comes into it’s own here a bespoke image that you can look at for sometime there is a great mix of either early morning or evening colours here with some great foreground content. excellent.
Composition 8-10
Great leading lines of the pier leading off into the background this is a well thought out image.
Quality 8-10
I would say the same as above with regards the raw file. great stuff
Rice planting - Chiang Mai
Image 3 rice planting
Content 8-10
Great content  Look at the colours in here we have a selection of interests from the locals planting to the rolling hills and more perfect shot.
Composition 8-10
Whether well thought out or just happen to come across this great view it is still a excellent looking image great mix of colours and some great symmetry.
Quality 9-10
As above really would love to see the raws. 🙂
James, What a great time you must of had in Phuket these images are the very reason I started photography the beauty of the planet that you can capture forever.
I see you use Lightroom excellent choice it brings out the best in any image turning any dull image into something amazing. Many thanks for submitting your images I would look forward to seeing more of your work, keep up the great work.
all the best.



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