Photo Critique for Jean Tongo

Hi Jean,

Lets take a look at your photographs you submitted to be critiqued.


Can't Stop

Can’t Stop

Content: 5(10)

This type of content will appeal to people while it may not appeal to others. I chose to split it down the middle.

Composition: 7(10)
I believe the image is composed rather well. There could be slight improvements by shifting the subject to the left/right to some degree.

Image Quality: 6(10)
These types of shots where a flash is required sometimes makes it difficult to get the proper soft lighting on our subject. There is a slight color variation on her skin that needs to be evened out.

TRS Score: 6(10)



Passion for Music

Passion for Music

Content: 8(10)

This photograph shows some emotion and makes it interesting.

Composition: 7(10)
Composed well. I would have liked to see the two subjects reversed and the lady in the background out of focus more.  With her being blurred more it puts more focus on the male figure.

Image Quality: 7(10)
There is a cool temperature which I’m not sure if that was the proper lighting at the time or not. If so then it’s OK. I believe this is your best of the three. It captures emotion, composted well and the image quality is good.

TRS Score: 7.3(10)



Sofi live performing

Sofi live performing

Content: 6(10)
Simple and she was captured in the moment. While it’s not showing much emotion it’s still simple and effective.

Composition: 7(10)
Happy to see it’s not directly in the center of the image. I may even shift her to the left and down just slightly for better composition.

Image Quality: 5(10)
Image quality is lacking on this photograph. I’ve seen much worse though 🙂 Do you shoot in RAW? I think there needs to be some post processing to try and even her skin tone out. Her right arm is too dark also. I would also try and burn those spots on the bottom right corner so they aren’t as noticeable. I would really like this photograph if her skin tone was evened out. Are you using the flash pointed straight or some type of softbox/diffuser? I believe with a little more post processing this image would be much better.

TRS Score: 6(10)


Thank you for submitting your photographs to be critiqued. I feel you have the basics of the techniques down and the ability to capture those moments showing emotion or natural looks. I would like to encourage you to shoot in RAW mode if your camera supports it and start working on post processing techniques. With just a few simple things done different I feel these photographs would really POP and capture that first impression when viewed. Keep up the good work and good luck.

Kevin Hays