Photo Critique for Krishna

” Dear Christian,
I sent you some pictures a few months ago . see the link below.

i have since gone thru your tutorials and may be improved a little bit. I attach 3 images for your review.
1.Seagull captured in flight( 190 mm Canon F4 IS 70-200 , Iso-200,1/3200, F4) 
I shot this at mid day with side light and the bird’s eye is in shadow.  i could not capture the entire bird in frame as i could not change my focal length quickly enough when it decided to take -off from it’s perch.
2. Sunset with a palm tree silhouette as back drop and some sea gulls in the frame .( 200 mm, ISO-100, 1/8000 sec, F 7.1) 
I waited for the setting sun to go low in the frame and got down low to shoot this . i waited for some birds to come into my frame
3. A busy creek 
( 1/80, tripod, ISO-100, sigma 18-35 F 1.8 lens at 21 mm).
the scene was very busy with many bright colors fighting for attention. changed to B&W in post processing. the sun’s reflection on buildings caused a nice glow in water and helped enhance depth . i waited for a boat in the middle ground so that i had   fore ground , middle ground and back ground elements in the shot. 
i know i still need improvements in content,composition,etc  and would like your honest feed back”
Hi Krishna,
I will be giving your critique today on the images submitted.  These are my personal opinions and I hope to provide constructive criticism to help you achieve your goals.  Let’s get started looking at the photographs shall we.
Creek Side

Creek Side

Content: 5/10
You see a lot of photographs with this type of content.  Not to say it’s bad or great so feel free to give yourself a higher rating on this if you desire.
Composition: 5/10
The composition is very busy and I cannot really tell what is the main focus here.  Still an improvement from the last photographs you submitted and a step in the right direction!  To me with the boat it’s too heavy on the right side making it unbalanced.
Image Quality: 6 / 10
Overall the image is sort of grey with very little white/blacks.  However with just a couple of minor tweaks in post processing, this photograph becomes much more visually appealing.  I used Lightroom and increased the clarity slider and the overall impact of the photograph started to come alive.  In any landscape I will increase the clarity slide to see what impact it gives.  What you have to be careful is when you have many clouds as you don’t want those to be affected by it.
TRS Score:  5.3 / 10





Palm tree silhoutte

Palm tree silhoutte
Content:  6/10
I enjoy sunset photographs even though you see them everywhere.  The birds add interest to the photograph except the one on the left side.
Composition:  5/10
Some would suggest the tree needs to be straight instead of a slant.  I don’t mind the slant, but I find the slope at the bottom of the page distracting.  I would also like to see the sun on the right side of the tree close to the ROT instead of partially behind it.
Image Quality:  6.5/10
The photograph has nice colors, but one area of improvement on is the sun actually bleeds into the tree.  What I mean by this is you can see a bright area on the tree.  Use post processing and the adjustment brush to gradually darken the area of the tree so you cannot see the sun shining through it.
TRS Score:  5.8 / 10






Content:  5/10
I enjoy wildlife and nature photographs, but photographing seagulls can be a challenge.  I’ll leave this at a 5 since seagull’s aren’t my favorite subject.
Composition:  5/10
You have the head at the ROT, but I’m not sure the angle of the bird is the best.  Since you have a 60D I believe it can shoot quite a few FPS.  Shooting wildlife and sports this is a big plus.  I actually cropped the picture tighter and positioned it to a portrait layout with the head in the lower left quadrant.  This puts more emphasis on the bird.
Image Quality:  7/10
The image quality is good.  Nice bokeh and clear focus on the seagull.  You can improve by doing some post processing and upping the clarity slider some, bringing some detail out in the shadows and enhancing the whites slightly.
TRS Score:  5.6 / 10



I can see you have really improved since the last submission.  There are still a few things you can do to improve the photographs, mainly with post processing.  All three images have improved in image quality since your last submission!  You can improve them even more by using my suggestions above.  Do not get carried away with the clarity, shadow and highlight slider as they are not always needed.  The content feel free to give it a higher score for yourself and the TRS will be higher.  If you would like to see the three images I adjusted to compare to the ones you submitted let me know and I can email them to you.

Happy shooting Krishna!

Kevin Hays




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