Photo Critique for Mr. Jeffrey Martin

Hello Mr Martin, Thank you for submitting your images today, my Name is Simon and I will be providing feedback on behalf of the Academy of Photography.

Image one the couple

Amanda & Carlos Close-up

Content 8-10

Clearly a great couple shot with a great bokeh background, for me this is a stunning image bright vibrant colour red is very eye catching. small details the plant in the bottom left corner is little distracting as it has colour in it but during the heat of battle during wedding shoot sometimes this is overlooked. The couple looking away I may have took several shots, you may have already, I would of liked to of seen the couple looking more toward me, but its again the little details, at the end of the day this is a good image.

Composition 8-10

Composition is great good placement of the couple.

Quality 7-10

I can see f/2.8 was used with your canon 7D which is ok however there is a slight blur to the grooms face, Im guessing that the flowers may have been a focus point at f /2.8 as they seem a little more in focus than the faces only slightly. Though a great image I feel the dress is a little over exposed as some of the detail in the  dress cannot be seen, this can be corrected in post processing however, overall my favorite image here excellent effort.

Image two the couple posing

Amanda & Carlos by Oak Tree


Content 6-10

I would have given this a higher score if only the couple were in the image, I may sound a little harsh I know however with the added people in the background and with there backs facing us I feel lets it down some what,

The content is fine nice pose nice position great background, Also Sepia colour is ok for a select few shots but i feel it does not belong here in some way, I feel B&W would have been more suitable but good effort.

Composition 6-10

General composition is good, I would of liked to have seen the open space to the right and have the image moved more to the right to class in the rule of thirds here.

Quality 6-10

The Image is quite small maybe how it was emailed to us it’s a little difficult to judge the quality overall at this time but it looks pretty good and at f4 I would assume is just fine.


image three the bride

Amanda Wedding Day Portrait

Content 8-10

What a great image very eye catching, The bride in all her glory,  with great bokeh perfectly captured great job

Composition 8.5-10

Excellent composition perfectly natural taken at a slightly lower angle gives it that uniqueness.

Quality 8.5-10

Quality is excellent at f/2.8 sharp and clear is what we all like as photographers, with a hint of fill flash to bring out some details. did you use a softbox on the flash or diffuser there is a very slight hint of flash highlight, but nothing serious a great Good job .


Mr Martin

You have some great images here I can see that you know your camera and compositions,  The use of  f/2.8 is always a good choice but also care must be taken in group shots as focusing on one or the other or a mid point can cause focus loss issues a couple of stops up would ensure that couple shots are well focussed.other than that you have the photographers eye to capture great images such as these.

You are producing some great work here and I hope to see more of them in the future.





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