Photo Critique for Rahul Arora

Many thanks Rahul Arora for submitting your today, my name is Simon I am one of the judges for
the Academy of photography, I will be going through your images and providing my personal
feedback of your work.


Christian Tudor
Image 1 Docks
Content 7-10
Content here is compelling in interest in shows everyday life around the globe showing people at work and in this case happy to be sharing work with helping others.
I particularly like this image in Black & White it makes the both foreground and background stand out.
Composition  7-10
Good overall composition we can clearly see all the work members  are in frame with good positioning.
Quality 8-10
I like the quality here and lighting especially, there is a lot of detail here to, you can spend several minutes looking at this image as a result. Great effort.
Image 2 docks 2
Content 7-10
As above a good subject showing people at work in a busy environment, I particularly like the sepia look it works well here even though im not a major fan of sepia as it only works well i feel it sum images however it does work well here.
Composition 7-10
Composition is good clearly some rule of thirds here, the eye level is also very good level i think any higher would have not have had the same effect as we see here.
Quality 6-10
General quality ok I see it was shot from appears to be a inside enclosure of sorts. Your shutter speed is 1/40 sec which is below the safe shutter speed to stop camera shake you see why  as the stationary objects are in focus however the men working are slightly out of focus.
1/60 sec is the minimum safe speed to avoid camera shake whilst hand held, I would increase to 1/60 or slightly above and then increase the iso to maybe 600-800 this will help with faster shutter speeds.
Great effort here I really good image, it shows a good environment of heat and dusty work.
Hi Rahul Arora,
Some great effort here my favorite would have to be the black & white image as it shows that you have captured work in progress even time spend with these guys as well, which shows interest overall.
I understand that you are at just past the entry level for photography, there is plenty to learn it never really ends, I hope that you will find your genre in which to take photographs maybe some street photography would work for you as in capturing people in general going about there lives, its a great subject and you will learn fast about shutter speeds, and the lighting conditions around you that are constantly changing.
I wish you well on your journey, all the very best and keep up the good work.




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