Photo Critique for Randy Weatherford

Many thanks Randy for submitting your today, my name is Simon I am one of the judges for the Academy of photography, I will be going through your images and providing my personal feedback of your work.
Christian Tudor
Imagine 1  Bee
Content 4-10
Content here is nothing that really pops out or grabs our attention i would say this is just wildlife photo, my concern here would be the general interest itself and the response that you would want from your image.
Composition 5-10
General composition is about many factors rule of thirds, or golden rule etc however for wildlife I feel there is no hard or fast rule as long as you capture the content in focus and it fills the image to capture as much details as you can, good effort here.
Quality 3-10
I am unclear at what level of photography you are currently at , however I have looked at your settings for the images that you submitted, and i can see some definite issues. Mu first concern would be the extremely high ISO this image is showing and as in your original description ISO 1600 that is amazingly high for this type of outdoor photograph I can only assume  this ISO may have be put in manually as by seeing the amount of Noise or Grain in the image is somewhat disturbing for my taste however some noise in an image can be exceptable i feel this is way over the top and de grades this image.
Also with a shutter speed at 1/1600 would register a extremely bright day for this amount of noise in the image, again i feel manual settings have be entered here.
Lastly the the remaining settings shutter priority is ok for fast moving subjects like a small insect however, having the other settings in camera adjusted to match the shutter priority modes needs to be established as well.
Imagine 2 Insect 2
Content 5-10
I would say the same comments as above would apply here
Composition  5-10
A little better than the other imagine I would of liked to have been alot closer to the bee though, insect photography can be a challenge and requires patient sometimes a large telephoto lens doesnt always work well and dedicated macro lens provides much better quality by getting closer to the subject, but good effort here.
Quality 4-10
There is some very very similar issues here as the same as the other image very high ISO shutter speeds conflicts, lens requirements etc.
Many thanks for submitting your work today, Im sorry my comments my not be what you wanted to here but with constructive comments comes learning, and with learning comes better imagery, as i mentioned I do not know at what level of photography you are currently at and  it would be rude of me to guess, However, I would look a little closely at ISO settings and general camera modes to fully understand what results they can produce.
This would be the basis in which to fully understand how light can help your photography when to use ISO etc.
We are here to help in nay way please feel free to submit any questions that you may have I will only to happy to answer them.
Best wishes

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