Photo Critique for Rey Sayoux

Photo Critique for Rey Sayoux
Christian Tudor
Hi Rey, Many thanks for submitting your work here today my name is Simon and i will be providing feedback on your images that you have sent in for us to judge, I have been an Academy of Photography panel judge for some time now and i will provide my own person opinion of your work.
Image 1 B&W face portrait
Content 8-10
This is a great image I personally like that it is in B&W as I have a soft spot for all B&W images there is a good balance of light here
Composition 8-10
Composition is very good a great mix of cropping and available space on the left good job
Quality 7.5-10
Overall the image has quality and looks sharp, I was just a little concern that the shutter speed is 1/60th the limit of holding the camera steady in hand unless you hand the camera on a tripod however, anything lower than 1/60th of a second your risking camera shake and blurred images.
Image 2 infant portrait
Content 5-10
Overall a general infant shot ok for a general image but these are very common and related to a snap shot for social media maybe, for using to promote your work I would look at something that has a little more thought, lets say a location or studio set up.
Composition 6-10
Composition is ok its in the middle of the photograph however portraits like this need something like your first image and what we call the rule of thirds but good effort overall.
Quality 7-10
good general quality shot at 1/80th of  a second which is ok the image is a little dark for my taste and the colours look a little flat do you use post processing at all?
also using camera raw setting with post processing software like lightroom or photoshop will help bring out the best in your images, as this is the industry standard of photographers today.
Image 3 Sarah
Content 7-10
I like the pose it’s very candid / natural I would have liked the image in B&W just my own preference however each of us sees there images differently
Composition 8-10
Very good cant fault this at all job well done.
Quality 7-10
the image looks a little out of focus again this maybe down to shutter speed 1/60th sec as mentioned above using a 200m focal length was a good choice here excellent job this is my favorite with the first image coming a close second.
Firstly never think of hanging up your camera, it can take a lot of time hone your skills and indeed create the type of work that your feel is worthy, being a professional photographer it has taken me many years and I am still learning new techniques all the time, you never stop learning. When you start out you will see images that you feel that you will never get to that standard but trust me you will and then you will discover so much along the journey, Your images today are the building blocks for a start of a profession of passion, keep  going Rey there is skill in your work, you will now need to be creative think about what you want to achieve within your images and you will start seeing results.
Many thanks for sharing your work with us I hope this is a small guide to pop you in the right direction.
best wishes




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