Photo Critique for Richard Sloan

Hi Richard,

Thanks for submitting your work to be evaluated and critiqued.  I will be critiquing all three photographs together since each one is similar.


Northern Vermont

Northern Vermont

At Owls Head Lighthouse

At Owls Head Lighthouse

In the woods

In the woods


Content:  5/10

I find the content to be rather simplistic, but that’s not always a bad thing.   I enjoy Northern Vermont the most out of all three photographs.

Composition:  6/10

You have composed each image nice.  I like the fact you moved the horizon line away from the center of the image.

Image Quality 5/10

The images are lacking that wow factor.  The first two photographs didn’t have enough contrast and the third has too much perhaps.  I don’t believe the fist two photographs benefit from the tones you chose, but with a slight tone curve of an “S” on the first it would pop more.  That photograph just doesn’t have no light or dark to really make it pop.  After adding a +24 exposure, slight tone curve, clarity +25, graduated filter to sky the photograph was much better.  It took less than 1 minute for me to do these changes, but I wanted to see the difference between the two with a few small changes.

TRS Score:  5.3 / 10



The photographs don’t have that striking impact that is needed upon first initial viewing.  Right now there are dull.  What I would work on is adding in more contrast in the 1st two photographs and in the third there is too much.  You need to find a balance between the two.  While none of the images are capturing my interest there will be individuals that enjoy the 1st two I’m sure.   Remove that object in the 1st photograph from the bottom left as it’s distracting.

Hopefully you can take these comments and apply them to future photographs.  The more you study and take photographs the better you will become.


Kevin Hays



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