Photo Critique for Robyn Clapton

Photo Critique for Robyn Clapton.

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Hi Robyn many thanks for submitting your work today my name is Simon I am one of the Judges for The Academy of Photography, I will be providing feedback on your work with my own honest opinion of how I see your images, via content, composition, quality etc.

Image 1
Pregnant young lady by tree.

Content: 6-10
I see that the natural look is clear here wanting to capture the natural light as well as ambient colours of the outdoors, this works well here I would of liked to of seen  some fill flash or maybe some post processing to bump up the light just a fraction otherwise a good all round content.

Composition 6.5-10
General composition is not bad here the angle of the post is good and works well here I may have moved slightly to the left to show a little sea area to balance out the image just slightly, or maybe in cropping the image etc. overall though a good effort.

Quality 6.5-10
Good all round quality nice bokeh background, sharp face features, good balance of colour, just a hint bit more light for my personal taste I feel but an very good result here. good job.

Image 2 family shot.

Content 4-10
Fist off I see a general family portrait here nothing that really stands out  in a crowd there are many many images like this, I do find the wild stray branches a little distracting to the eye, its the little things that are noticed after you re-look at the image that you feel, something could of been done maybe another location, unless it was general a quick family snap shot.

Composition 4-10
Composition here i feel is let down by the either cropping or I slight fail on the rule of thirds with regards cutting off legs and feet, normally the simple rule would be have them in or out, if you had cropped this after and cut off the legs from above the knee i would of marked it a little higher, it’s a old question of maybe forgetting at the time of the shot etc we have all done it and continue to do the same.

Quality 6-10
Good quality, the image is sharp however a little in the shade maybe a fill flash would have been good here to fill in some light to make the image pop a little more, Shooting in direct sunlight does have it’s issues, as in some of the faces you can seem harsh sunlight, and squinting expressions, not uncommon for this type of lighting, understandably we all have to shoot in the direct sunlight at some point, there are several ways to combat the harsh light etc but general not a bad image.

Image 3 Lady on beech

Content 4-10

Generally speaking it does seem like a general snap shot, and nothing special really stands out here it’s an image pretty much anyone can replicate.
did you have a method of capturing something here that we have failed to see? or just a general beech shot image ?

Composition 5-10
I like the composition as the rule of thirds is evident here.

Quality 3-10
Lighting here is what I feel lets this image down as there is a lot of dark shadows on the young lady caused by again the harsh sunlight, again this can be solved by adding a fill flash from that side with some off camera flash, Quality of the image is nice I feel the background could have had the bokeh  or background blur effect as you want your audience to have, it would draw there eye straight to the subject i feel.
Lastly I also feel that if this image was B&W it would most definitely stand out in a crowd.


I can see that you are trying hard to hone your skills as a photographer, I can see potential in your work here, yes there is always room for improvement, and what better place to learn more than the academy of photography, but remember the learning lasts forever, we all learn something new all the time, so take your time, select certain categories one at a time and master them, then move on to the next and so on.
I feel that you will soon move on to the next level, I would be interested to see more of your work in due course.
keep up the good work.

for The academy of Photography