Photo Critique for Suhaily & Ranjit

Hi Suhaily & Ranjit,

Many thanks for submitting your images for feedback, my name is Simon I am one of the Judges for The Academy of Photography, I will provide you with my honest personal opinion of your work , so lets get started on image number one.

Wedding Lady

Content 7-10

Clearly a wedding image I like this image as it shows a good all round atmosphere of sunny days wedding event there is a great veil flowing capture as well as some background interest, there is details captured within the dress itself, which is always important, My only concern would be the shadow cast on the ground this would be harsh sunlight, as there is not much we can do about the sun however you can make it work for you as back lighting, as if you used a fill flash it would of made the shadow have a less harsh impact on the ground and the fill flash would have brought some more detail out at the front of the dress and to take away some of the shadow effect there as well. However a great image none the less. Good work.

Composition 7-10

The composition is great the rule of thirds has some part here, there is good symmetry show here also, my only concern is the dress is slightly cropped out the image I would liked to have seen the whole dress in the shot, it’s just something I feel is important to the bride to see the whole perspective of her dress, but other than that a great image.

Quality 7-10

I see the image was shot at f2.8 in spot metering mode which is a choice i also use myself the image is sharp and has a nice bokeh background, all the qualities a good wedding photographer needs

well done.


Image 2 the couple

the couple

Content 6-10

I’m not sure what the story is with this image, at first glance it appears to me a  obvious couple expecting there first child maybe, however I’m not sure of the mood of the scene, however I like the background, a simple textured lined wall effect, there is a good pose shown by both.

Composition 7.5-10

I like the composition here, there is a nice even balance to it having one person taller than the other gives a sense of scale, with the hands shown in three different areas of the image brings a nice touch, and the whole image is made up of the couple. the cropping is also very good.

Quality 7.5-10

The quality of the image is excellent there is a lot of detail here from the hair to the eyes and texture of the cloths, I like this image it has a nice toned colour look about it was this image post processed at all?

do you use post processing?

Image 3 the look

the look

Content 6.5-10

One of Christian’s fave: wedding poses I feel, this is becoming a popular pose I to have used it, it works well so a thumbs up for this pose.

Composition 6-10

Generally speaking the composition is fine however i do feel that there is a little to much shirt in the image I may have cropped a little out and perhaps have a little more sky or room added to balance the pose out just a bit, everything else is great.

Quality 7-10

Sharpness is always key and this image has that,  shot at f/5.6 ISO 400 it shows detail within the eyes and the hands which is where we, the viewers are first draw to when we first see the the image, everyone loves these types of poses they are popular and give a nice sense of mood to anyone’s collection of portraits, great job I like this image alot.


Suhaily & Ranjit,

Thanks again for submitting your work here today, there is some great work here I can see clearly you have camera skills, and a eye for poses straight away, there is a nice sense of balance to all your images I have seen with some great colour tones, sharpness and lighting, I can see that clients will not be disappointed in the work you provide them.

keep up the good work i would look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Best wishes


for the Academy of Photography




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