Photo Critique for Suresh Kumar

Hi Suresh Kumar, Many thanks for submitting your work on the Academy of photography website, My name is Simon and I will be providing feedback on your work here today, as of all the critiques I provide feedback on I will base my findings on how I personally see your work, as a photographer,  I look for images that will not only catch your eye but others around as well, to help us all improve our skills etc. so lets get started.

Image 1 Portrait


Content 5-10

A general portrait here I would not say nothing to special, as far as a general snap shot, I am looking behind you there is objects that although blend in with the wall  have their distracting qualities, Shot at f/5.6 at 194mm so telephoto lens has come into play here so it has a nice bokeh feel to the background.

Composition 5.5-10

General composition is ok I would of liked to of seen some foreground or background interest with this one though.

Quality 3-10

Sadly the image is out of focus I would suggest focusing always on the eyes for portraits I understand this was shot at f/5.6 was this the widest point of this lens?


Image 2 Recording


Content 6-10

As content covers a wide spectrum I would say that I can see your general idea of what you wanted to achieve however shooting this at 1/40 sec is going to give you camera shake together shooting it at f/1.8 limits your depth of field as well, the background Bokeh is nice however the eye is drawn to the foreground interest in the shot, There is a lot of items in the background which then draws the eye away.

Composition 6-10

General  composition ok nothing to dramatic here, so much more could be done with this image in post processing , adding a vignette making it B&W is a possible way to go.

Quality 5.5-10

Using a f/stop of 1.8 takes time to master depending on where your focus point is on this image it would appear that the focusing is nearer the top of the microphone and the bottom of the microphone is pointing away from you this is why you have lost the focus toward the bottom, maybe f/4 would have been a little better here.


Image 3 Landscape

Sweet Home

Content 7-10

We all love a good landscape they are one of the most popular types of photography in world today, so in order for our images to stand out in a crowd we need to ensure they grab peoples attention, Brights colours,moody skies, and a interesting subject all matter, this image has a some interesting colours, however the general content is plain in general, I may have looked around the building a little more to find some interesting angles I’m not a lover of the wires in the shot, but it’s not a bad effort.

Composition 6-10

Not to bad but I would of looked about around the building to find more possible angles, and one without the wires in, maybe closer to the gates with a wide angle lens.

Quality 6-10

General quality is good I would guess the shutter speed is a little low as you can see some of the branches are a little blurred but overall quality is ok.


Suresh Kumar

Many thanks for showing us your examples I hope that you will find my feedback of some use, Your rating score is similar to what I have provided, I feel that you have general skills with your camera, but feel you need to master a couple of aspects understanding shutter speeds and aperture, Please remember photography takes  time and patients, I would also suggest that looking into post production using either photoshop or lightroom would be something to learn also, as they can assist you in the field of the photography that you wish take, whether this is portrait, studio, weddings or landscape or indeed all of them, select a subject your comfortable with and master that, then move on to the next and so on.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of things to photograph from your neighborhood, parks, urban areas and so there is also great interest of photographing India as I know a lot of people that go out of there way to travel to India to photograph , and as you live there you are in a very good position.

I wish you all the best for the future






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