photography your stress away

Photograph your stress away

By Marites Ong – Member of Academy of Photography


Even before a daybreak pops, it almost seemed like stress is waiting to attack. Be it stress from yesterdays work or just simply getting ready to face a brand new day kind of stress. However, in my opinion, any art has that x-factor that can always perk you up. It can get you going – even if the going gets tough. Moreover, art affects our health so very much that it can become an access to relaxation. When we are relaxed, we feel clearly, we see clearly, and we think clearly.


Why don’t we look at photography as one of the many arts that can positively contribute to lessen the stress that’s weighing on your shoulders. There are a lot of ways that we can make photography as a part of our schedule. It doesn’t need to be everyday, but if you would think about it – more and more mobile phones now have built-in cameras in them. You can use a camera phone to photograph the things around you. It seems like everyday you’re always on the go – you can’t stop to take a bit of a breather. Why don’t you pause and take some time, just a minute or two – to observe what surrounds you? This process will make you look and observe the environment – what does it have and what is it made of? You might be surprised at seeing the rock garden existing at your favorite gas station. When in fact it’s been there for years – and you realized you’ve never seen it before. Because you just did not pay attention to it, that’s probably the point. And you mostly thought of it before as a mere collection of solid non-living things. But now you are looking around you through a whole different lens. And now you might have seen the ordinary objects as extra-ordinary subjects for your photos.


Let’s see if these steps can make a little bit of a difference:


Take a deep breath – this will help you release the tension that you have inside you. Deep breaths will make you relaxed, and when you want to photograph a subject, any subject for that matter, your whole body is at ease. You can achieve a good capture when your hands are not shaky and your mind is clear.


Be creative – this will help you conceptualize a certain composition and/or experiment some color combination and expand your scope of subjects. So that when you see your art as a finished product, it may become a part of your aesthetics in the office or your home. You’ll be surprised about how satisfying it would make you feel, having achieved something. Even if it has to be in this little simple way.

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Practice minimalism – you can always make your art simple. Do not complicate the task that’s before you. If you get interested in shooting more photos, then keep shooting. But maintain focus, keep the images that best brings joy to your heart and let go of the rest.  In this way you are free of clutters that you have to deal with, more than what you have to deal with now. Thus, avoiding more stress to flood your sight, thoughts, and emotions.


At this point, you’re interest into photographing things around you must have grown. You’ve got to realize then that you took a moment of diversion – it must have led you into forgetting about your stress and what’s bothering you. This can be that circumventing moment when your negative outlook shifts into something more perky or jolly. If you look at the photos that you took – maybe you will appreciate the images, and then it will stir you up to shoot some more, or it may challenge you to take into consideration the kind of an environment you live in and do something positively impactful to it.


I am convinced that photography is an art that can change our mood from boring to awesome. The photos of simple things can be viewed with a real satisfaction. Then eventually you can evaluate the photos that you took, and then maybe it will encourage you to take this project a notch higher. Evaluate too, the effects of this particular task on your health and perspective. Maybe you can ask questions such as: was that effort worthwhile or how did it help you in any way? Photography is actually a serious art, but you’ve got to remember that small steps can grow to become big stuff, eventually.

Keep in mind what Samuel Smiles once quoted: Sow a thought, reap an act. Sow an act, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a lifestyle. Sow a lifestyle, reap a destiny.


So, are you considering the thought of photographing the ordinary things around you? There’s a lot of tools being offered to shoot photos – you can use a point and shoot camera or use a DSLR, it’s your choice. But you can always start with your camera phone. Why don’t you give it a try, and discover how it can drive away the stress that you have inside you. You’d be surprised on how it can bring joy to your life, and then pushes you to seize a moment that a day will bring. Well, what else can I say, go on and keep achieving that which is good.



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