Photography In Three Forms

Photography In Three Forms By Marites ONG I know very little about photography before, I know just about one or two things on its basic do’s and dont’s, specific rules,  […]

Photography In Three Forms

By Marites ONG

I know very little about photography before, I know just about one or two things on its basic do’s and dont’s, specific rules,  and it’s practical use. I didn’t have any background about the heart of photography’s significance in any given day – be it an ordinary day, or even a holiday. But now, I find photography as a very interesting activity. I took it as a hobby and I became so engrossed with it – my enthusiasm led me into getting a DSLR camera.


I got caught up on how to use my camera. I thought to myself that this involves so much technicality that I don’t have the ability nor the skill to comprehend it. I am not convinced though, that I have spent money on something that I would just put in my closet and forget about it. So I told myself that I must learn how to operate it, understand its functions, and learn how to use it.

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Learning how to use my camera pulled me into something much more profound than just capturing photographs. I have realized that this is not just a simple hobby that when you get to know how to deal with it you can take your camera out and keep shooting. It dawned on me too, that not just having a steady hand is important in this field in order to capture a pristine image of something or somebody. It convinced me – that this art will eventually capture not just still images – but it will capture your senses and your sensibilities.


I gradually immersed myself into the nitty-gritty of photography and it positioned me into embracing this art that can be used as a simple form of:


1) Expression – here is an avenue where you can tell what’s on your mind; how you think and what you think, as well as, tell what’s in your heart; how you feel and what you feel. I suppose it’s not easy to tell a story by just using one photograph that you might have taken before or just recently. But remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Your image might exhibit a different message to a lady, it might convey a subtle impression to a gentleman, or it might present another idea a to a kid. Expressing yourself through photography only offers an infinite possibility, just like any kind of artistry. The message on the images you have captured may also bring about different expressions from the eyes of the observer. Thus, this art now becomes the merger of pure or controversial thoughts and emotions between the author and the spectator.


2) Discipline – here is a conduit where we chisel our weaknesses and sharpen our strengths, entailing courses of actions directing towards a specific goal. Discipline will reflect our behavior as to how we shall confront a given task, thereby determining whether we can proceed or take a break. Photography as a form of discipline can present itself as a challenge by how one will become adept with its required conditions and norms. But in any endeavor, coping up is key – because any form of artistry begets a lifestyle that can make a person respected or vulnerable. Discipline in photography now becomes a channel in asserting an inspired composition, a striking creativity, a vibrant style, and an unparalleled approach, therefore showcasing your workmanship as remarkably stellar. Photography then, is transformed into an agency of your purpose and intent – consequently establishing your own distinctiveness.


3) Instrument – here is a tool, that can document memorable moments, special occasions, significant events, and at times those catastrophic occurrences too. It also offers a visually informative function wherein it presents macroscopic details of the subjects that are not normally seen by the naked eye. And a lot of times photographs of famous people are out in the open – and the images usually presents some negative stance to the audience. Photography as an art can be explored to arouse that spirit which is inside of you that will really make you unstoppable in achieving something good and note worthy. Why don’t we use photography as one instrument which could ignite the enthusiasm that we have – to pursue an influential involvement that will impact the environment and community in a very positive way?


Then I thought, photography can change a person’s perspective. I hope that whatever passion you embrace – you will face the challenge it will bring and then eventually becoming achievers of that which you are called to do for a higher purpose. Allow yourselves to discover the inspiration that will stir your hearts and minds – only to lead you to the right fruition of your cause. Well, what else can I say, go on and keep achieving that which is good.
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