picmazing photo critique – portraiture

Picmazing photo critique – portraiture Mr. Tudor Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my images. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and expertise. I would […]

Picmazing photo critique – portraiture

Mr. Tudor

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my images. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and expertise.
I would consider myself a beginner photographer. While I have always enjoyed taking pictures, it has only been in the last few months that I have made efforts to learn more and improve my skills. Critiques from experts such as you will be very helpful as I continue to try to learn all that I can.
My three photos are attached. They are all portraits, though I do like to experiment with other subjects (water drops, smoke, landscapes). I have not yet chosen an area to specialize in (if this is even necessary).
Again, thank you and I Iook forward to reading your comments.
File names and titles are the same, Farha, Fountain, Jock.
I recently created a web site to post my favorite images. The address is http://www.picmazing.com
 Timothy Hopkins
thank you for your submission. I think you are a great photographer already. Love your pics and I had a look on the website. Instead of the fountain I would have liked to see a landscape…you can do better than the fountain.

Fahra portrait

Absolutely love it. Very smooth, perhaps the portrait should have been on the other side. I love the composition, rule of thirds at its best and I like the soft light. Great expression and very nice light. I enjoy the black emptiness and the image  speaks to me. I do not like the her blue shirt, it looks like an everyday random street short. That is not ruining the image, it is just me on this. I love seeing images like this and they are not that difficult to master. thank you for this one. You are not a beginner at all. You are too modest. I have seen professional having worse portrait than this one. Did you use studio lighting? what did you do in post production. I would love to see the original raw image.




The Fountain

I do not believe this image belongs here. It is a family pic in a park on a Saturday afternoon. I do not see any value other than personal. I cannot see faces and I see the back of the kids’s head. Nothing special about this one as anyone could have taken it. is this a portrait? Of who? Mother or the kid or both. Confusing!




Great portrait, and great light. I have got not much to say, it follows the rule of composition, but it does not look like a designed photo session. Again it looks like you picked up the camera and took a nice shot. I can see it is cold but I would have loved to see a bit more pose from your beautiful model. Do not like the glove, it is cold and unfriendly. I appreciate trying to have a rhythm textured wall, but this is where horizontal lines show depth and the outline a direction. For this one, my eyes are drawn in the background and the portrait fights for attention. I believe a vertical rhythm would have been better – however it still a good image.




I think you master your camera very well. I have seen many professionals delivering images not as good as yours. If you want to be a professional, you should not have any difficulties in the delivery. I also see a lot of artistic approach to what you do and it looks really good. You have a refined sense of light, colour and composition

I also love your website – simple, artistic and appealing.I can see you like to play with cool effect. Is the website your work? is it a template?

I would love to hear back from you in one year time and see how you go and if you are going anywhere



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