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Hi Christian Thank you very much for your Youtube Channel! it is amazing! Here are some of my photos. Let me introduce myself. My backround is artschool whare I had […]
Hi Christian

Thank you very much for your Youtube Channel! it is amazing!

Here are some of my photos.

Let me introduce myself. My backround is artschool whare I had photography for 4 years( i know whart to do in the darkroom), however I specialize in graphic design. I run my own little home studio in Ireland – I’m Polish myself – however it is not my full time job. I do work for big printing company which is a real nightmare but quitting job would be very risky as we have 3 children.

I  am really struggling with getting clients – simply because I have not enough time to get all phone calls, marketing etc done. People are not giving enough recommendations, others prefer to get photos done in professional studio in the town cenrte, the ones which come to me want everything for free etc etcSo far I take shots only for my friends(free of charge) and I would like to ask you what do you think about them.  I really want to expand my business and need feedback from someone like you. Especially when I learn so much from your videos. I have done few jobs for some companies – product, nightclub a little bit of interior but nothing happen after that.
My Equipment:
About a month ago I upgraded from nikon d90 to nikon d800
for d800
Nikkor 50mm f1.4
Tokina 100mm f2.8
for d90
Sigma 17-70 f2.8
Nikkor Fisheye f2.8
cheap battery grip fron ebay
Yongnuo TTL Speedlight
+ ebay studio flashes 900W – for about $300
+ backdrops
as you can see I have some nice gear here but I really cant get these jobs coming in, also I am not confident about my quality – please be honest with your critique as that means a lot for me.
Best Regards
thank you for your submission. I love the fact people like you write to me asking for advice, especially when I believe they are good as any other professional photographers, but they need a boost in confidence. I think you have got the goods, equipment and knowledge enough to promote your passion as a business and for that you can see our business section and watch the tutorials. There are other coming and I will talk about details how to establish a good business. But first, you need to change your approach in doing business and it is only you responsible for getting clients. Obviously with your constraints you need to find other methods for growing the business, but that is not the topic of this critique and it can take weeks of discussions
In relation to your photos, I believe they are good enough to impress clients in order to pay you for your service. If I want to pick on them aspects that I find possible imprvement I can, but this is a discussion between me and you as photographers as people won’t care about that

Self Portrait?

good image, good composition, i like the character and the light, a bit too saturated and a bit to smooth in post production.Other that that, it is a good image.

Mother and daughter portrait

Obviously you have the knowledge to photograph on complete black background, good light and good colours but the pose is not helping. You might believe it is artistic, but in my opinion it is not. I do not like the fact i cannot see their faces and if you want to go to the more artistic approach and show only the essence, this is not the right composition and light to do it. This looks like a normal portrait but if you step out for a second and back, I am sure you will not like it either? who wants to hand this on the wall?
My Firend

Lady portrait

Nice portrait, a bit random, good composition. it looks good overall as a telephoto shot, but I would probably try to get the model to do a better pose, as this one is lifeless. no expression and no feelings. AS already mentioned, this image is very good in terms of your photographic skills but misses the director skills.
As a photographer it is your responsibility to get the desired look including asking the model to pose
my Wife
I hope my comments are helpful. I believe you are close to pro level in terms of quality, it is just the business skills probably need polishing. Self trust is an important bit of being a pro photographer and a “can do” attitude is required. A constraint is not an issue but a challenge to find a solution to overcome it.
where is your website?

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