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Images by Ravi Dear Christian, My name is Ravi and I am a marketer by profession. I know I had the keen interest in photography right from the age of […]

Images by Ravi

Dear Christian,

My name is Ravi and I am a marketer by profession. I know I had the keen interest in photography right from the age of 7 or 8 but it was only last year, at the age of 31 when I actually started learning the basics and putting it into practice. Ever since, it’s developed into a strong passion.
During this year, I also realized that I love shooting people more than anything. And especially I love shooting babies or new borns. A lot of my friends and cousins got married this year and it gave me the opportunity to shoot weddings. These were all Indian weddings. And I found it extremely challenging and fun and wish to take this as full time some day.
I found your videos on wedding really helpful. Until now, I was just focussing on get the best shots of the couples but after watching your video I realized the importance of making the shoot super fun and most memorable experience for them. Couple should remember this as an event rather than an strenuous exercise. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
I have attached three pictures for the critique. Hope it gets selected as I know the value of constructive criticism. I have attached a pic from a wedding, pre wedding and a shot my twin nieces.
Incase if you wish to read why I became a photographer then here’s the link to my first and only blog so far: 5 Reasons Why I Became A Photographer! —> www.ravisfitoor.com/blog
Thank you once again for sharing the knowledge. Soon I am going to go through your lessons. Even though I have a good understanding of the basics, I never shy away from learning it again as everytime I understand it better than previous time.
Thanks & Regards,
thank you for your submission. I am glad you have sent these images as I love helping people like yourself to get the confidence as good photographer. I like your images and I think you have a good eye and definitely control the basics very well. Light is beautiful, composition is OK, i think you have also a good camera ?! If you continue what you are doing you will improve quickly. I will make few comments on your images

Babies on the beach

Great shot, composition very good. 2 identical twins on looking at the camera and one somewhere else – this is great. I would have not liked it if both babies would have looked in the same place.

Rule fo thirds is used, balance established by the basket – great feeling, great framing. Light is very nice and also very nice blur at the back. This is my favourite from the 3. I hope the composition was intentional and I would assume that them facing each other looking in different directions was luck. Very good shot – are they your kids?


Pre wedding couple

Nice light, they are too big in the image. You should leave a bit more space so they can breath a bit more. Pay attention to the pose, he has a double chin. It is your responsibility as a photographer to get them to pose as highlight their best position. The intention is good, needs a bit more polishing in getting them to play.
I can see you control and use the light to your own advantage and that tells me you know how to work with it.
Pre Wedding

Indian bride

One more time, the light is perfect. The framing is good and probably on this one the depth of field does not work. I would want to see also the girl behind in focus and also the bride with open eyes.
Good framing, good composition, perhaps a bit of tilting of the camera will take it to the next level. I believe you need to shoot more images until you the the right one as this one with closed eyes I would not give it to the client.
you have got the skills, you just need a lot of practice and experimentation. This should not stop you trying to get paying jobs as you have enough skills to provide the quality people expect.
if you want to learn about the business aspect of it, please check the relevant sections of the website
thank you

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