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Hello photography lover

Academy of photography is designed to be a free resource tool for everyone who loves photography in any shape of form. It is a growing community with a concept that this offers a free environment to learn to take better photos and to answer any questions that one could have.


We are welcoming anyone to contribute, post, share knowledge or just comment. It is a work in progress and few things are being created as we speak.

The new thing about it, is there will be a youtube channel connected and all our lessons will be both visual and written for the ease of understanding.

also this is an interactive critique public forum and you can submit your picture
Submit your photos for critique and you might get a second opinion on your work


stay close as this will grow in the next 12 months to be the best quality photographic website – AND THAT IS A PROMISE!
Academy of Photography is the best free digital photography tutorials website …my opinion, because I am doing it…

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