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My name is Christian Tudor and I am a professional photographer.

 I will start my presentation with this question to you?

Would you like to take outstanding photos every time you press a button? Would you like to learn how to use your camera in order the get the results you always wanted but the camera did not listen to you? Would you like to impress your friends and family with the high quality photos you take every time? If you are passionate about taking photos, this is the place for you.

I believe anyone can take great photos with minimum equipment. I am the best example it can be done in a very short period of time.

Why you should listen to me? Good question. …

History of the photographer – Christian Tudor and start of the Academy of Photography

First I will give you a bit of history about myself. I picked up my camera few years back with the clear intention to learn how to take good photos. I have explored the internet for information and I found it. It took me hundreds of hours of photography related website browsing, and youtube videos. I have found that the information is out there, free and available for anyone wanting to learn and grab it. It took me only few weeks to apply everything I have learned by myself in order to get to a level that I could impress anyone, especially those ones who laughed at me saying that I need year of training and getting to school for this. After doing few easy exercises with the basics settings of my camera, I have started to understand what this is all about. I kept practicing until everything became easy for me. Being confident that I am taking professional quality photos, I have learned that one can turn photography into a business and make an income with it.  I have decided to started my photography business. Making money with your camera is another ball game though, and it took me a couple of years to create a real business. I  made all the steps, did lots of mistakes until I found the ways that work the best. Now it is the time for me to share my knowledge with others. This is why Academy of photography came as an idea. I have summarised all my knowledge and realised that it is not that difficult to get where I am today. With thousands of happy customers and a workflow of 2-3000 commissioned photos ever week I am confident anyone can do it.


I have a belief…what is it?

I can teach anyone photography in less than 2 weeks, and if you will follow my learning model, I will promise you will be able to take professional quality photos in no time. If you do the exercises I am presenting, you will learn how to use your camera and the basics of photography very quickly.

And now is the best part. This is a free course for anyone wishing to learn. There is no obligation from you. What I am asking is that you do the exercise and you will learn yourself by practice and share you experience with others.

Why? I thought to myself it is better to share knowledge and make a difference in some else’s life than keeping all this to yourself. I was secretive before, fearing the competition but I found that sharing and discussing will lead to greater results .


What I can do for you?

This is my promise:

–          My lessons will be short and concise. Time is the most important asset we have. There are too many spammers in the internet that will talk to you for hours and you will get a little or nothing  from them. I will try to make all my tutorials as short as possible, under 10 minutes. I want you to spend more time practicing than listening to me. You will learn faster

–          I will give you only quality information. I will get straight to the point without blurb and waste of time.

–          I will give you a structure to follow; My lessons will be structured for the logical steps in order to become a confident photographer

What you can do for me is what you can do for yourself:

–          Follow my tutorials and exercise the learned lessons. You will be surprised how fast one can learn

–          Take better photos and share them with family and friends,

–          Ask us any questions and share with us your experiences

–          Subscribe to our newsletters and youtube channels

–          Sit back and enjoy the ride


Our free course is presented on Academy of Photography website and affiliated youtube channels. It is structured in categories for each level of current knowledge

1 – camera settings. I will show you how to use your camera. We will go through all settings you need to know

2- photography equipment.

Photography can be improved so much using other equipment such as accessories, flash guns, studio lighting and many other things. I will go through each individual equipment and teach you what it does, how to use

3 – Basics of photography. I will teach you tha basic concepts that lay the foundation of photography knowledge. I will start with exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and I will talk about light, shadow, depth of field, composition basics and advanced photrogrpahy techniques

4- photography by category. I will teach you how to photograph various types of subjects. We will be talking about weddings, portraits, babies, family, corporate, fashion, product and other categories of photography out there

5- last and not least I will teach you how to make money with your camera. Form the business basics, business plan, to makerting and selling

6 – there will be sections where we can just have some fun and other sections that we can chat about anything and everything


Academy of Photography is a live environment so changes will be a constant.

Now after this, if you are convinced you want to learn with us, sit back and enjoy our lessons

In the meantime I wish you happy shooting, if you are already doing it.

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