Search engine optimisation – most powerful marketing tool for any business

SEO for Photographers Today I would like to talk about Search Engine optimisation as the most powerful tool for any business. This is probably the most valuable lesson if you […]

SEO for Photographers

Today I would like to talk about Search Engine optimisation as the most powerful tool for any business. This is probably the most valuable lesson if you have any business than anything else being today visible in Google is the most important aspect of a business success. If people cannot find you online, you do not exist.

How many people in this room believe that being on the front page in Google is a big deal?

I know I do…. Being in the first page in Google brings traffic to your website and increases your business without a question. in today’s context, people do not look to find information othe rthan google. Yellow pages, pink pages, white pages or whatever colour pages you have in your area, they are dying. People do not go through printed magazines any more, they do not go through traditional places. People google stuff evryday more and more. ALso Google is the most powerful search engine tool today and the most popular by far 90% – very unlikely to be caught my bing, yahoo and others.

People do not facebook services, do not bing, or yahoo information. People today GOOGLE things.

The reason I wanted to share this with you today is that I celebrate few years of effort and I have achieved first page ranking for my business in my area for my specific keyword . Just to make a clear example, it is “wedding photographer Sydney” and it is one of the most valuable keywords for my business.

Before I move one and show you what to do to get there, I wanted to share some of the experience and history to put things into context. I have watched my site how it behaves over the years and tried to do all the things recommended by other people to be done to get in the first page. I have failed many times and I have spent a lot of time, money paying other people to do it for me who call themselves specialists. Also I need to tell you how I believe Google sees things in order to understand what I am about to tell you today.

When people type a specific keyword they are interested in, google uses softwares and applies algorithms to find websites containing your search phrase or keyword and arranges them in the order of relevancy. Now about relevancy…how do you measure which site is more relevant over another site if they both contain the words you are looking for? in answer to this question google has developed complex criteria and marks every website based on hundreds of signals.

They are looking for :

  • title of the website
  • title of the pages in the website
  • how many pages contain your keyword and how many times
  • how many images named with your keyword
  • how many internal links containing the word are in your website
  • how many other websites point to your website and how many links contain the keyword
  • do you have meta description (hidden information containing that keyword)
  • how many people visit your website searching for that keyword
  • how old is your website
  • how big is your website, how many pages, what structure
  • how many synonyms of the keyword you have in the website and how are they distributed
  • do you have social media affiliates sites
  • how many likes
  • do you have google reviews or third party reviews? how many and how good

The list goes on and on and no matter what you do, you cannot satisfy all of them. There used to be loopholes in all of he above and there are thousands of internet cowboys pretending to know how google works and try to sell you SEO services, but they cannot guarantee you anything. However they are happy to take your money. Been there done that, did not end up good. Google is ruling them out slowly and it is now impossible to achieve performance by applying formulas> the only thing you need to worry about is create great content on your website, interesting and appealing. I have beleieved I have found formulas over time, they used to work for some time and after few months I would fall back.

What you can do to improve your chances to become more visible in google, and you might have chance to increase your exposure and traffic

  • have a meaningful business name and a title of the website
  • have a meaningful description of your website
  • have meaningful and logical pages
  • include clear titles and description of pages
  • include as much text as you can and do not include the keyword too many times.
  • include images with names. Image 123.jog does not have any meaning and google will not see it. If you call your image beach wedding photo, google will know what you are talking about and you have a batter chance to appear when someone type beach wedding photo in google
  • have a blog and wrote about your every session in a separate page.
  • do not call your pages “John and Mary”, but call them “wedding photography at the white palace for John and Mary” – a much more meaningful title and google will find it when someone types wedding photos at the white palace.
  • Describe your shoots with text and do not be short. I see many other photographers pages with just images. Google cannot read that
  • if you do your keyword research for your business, you can find other related keywords that you can use for your articles, and pages and use them

Example how I do things. The most valuable keyword for my business is wedding photography Sydney. I have a google account and I have found related keywords like, wedding poses, wedding photo idea, pre wedding session, beach wedding photography and many others. I am using one keyword at one time for each article, blogpost and page I write and I go about that one keyword in the context of my photo session. I create one article overtime I have a client and I insert one image names after that specific keyword.

If you change your behaviour in this manner, I can promise you that your traffic will build up over time and people will come to your page more and more. More traffic better google ranking, your site becomes more transparent and and will appear more often…and that is GOLD.

I will stop hear and I would suggest to do the following:

– open a google account

– find the best keywords for your business in your area

– change your behaviour as per above and measure the results in few months.


this will not guaranteed you first page as there are already a lot of people in your area already smart enough to do it already, but will put you on the map.

I have tried to summarise the most dense information, but this discussion can take  more than this. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask

also if you want to test my theory please go on google, type “wedding photography sydney” and see what position I come up in. Think about your business, what service you offer and where . it is very important to do your homework and start building your image online and you will be rewarded


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