Things to think about when purchasing your 1st camera

Things to think about when purchasing your 1st camera


by Denson Joseph – Academy member


So you want to become a photographer but don’t know where to start. Well don’t worry, this is not an uncommon dilemma amongst new and aspiring photographers. The first step is actually getting a camera that will suit your needs and interests as close as possible. Cameras can be a little pricey depending on what you get, but consider that they used to be almost double if not triple the price they are today, so we’re being cut a break here. You can find an array of cameras with different abilities, functions and settings that can make your images sharper, easier to take and edit with some editing functions already preinstalled for your use.

So here’s the big question. How do I select the right camera and which one is better? Whenever this question is presented, the battle of Nikon and Cannon seems to always erupt. For the novice photographers who do not know any better, they usually think there are huge differences between the two cameras and one completely outclasses the other. Well the truth is both cameras are actually great to work with and you can get just about the same image quality from one camera that you can get with the other. The biggest difference that you might experience really boils down to the settings, functions & convenience (provided that the two cameras are equal in class). Both companies makes very great entry level DSLRs and provide pretty much the same lenses to work with.

Personally I’ve worked with both cameras before and I prefer the Nikon. I think the Nikon has better settings and more tools to work with that can really make the whole experience smoother and easier to accomplish. Nikon is just a tad bit pricier than the Cannons but I don’t mind because I like the diversity and options that they offer with their cameras.

Some things to consider when buying your first DSLR is what will you be using this camera for? Is it for professional use? Is it for leisure? Is it for a hobby? These questions when answered can help you save a couple hundred dollars on your quest for a new camera. For the photographer who is brand new to this art, you might not need and the most expensive camera with the highest of resolution and best quality when just starting off. I think the primary concern should be just making sure your DSLR has the basic camera settings for your desired use and the rest is really up to you in mastering your camera until you feel you need a better one to produce better work. On the opposite end, a professional photographer using a camera for studio use or fashion photography, might need something a lot more sophisticated than a $200.00 camera from Wal-Mart. A professional photographer in fashion photography should consider using a sophisticated camera with quality camera settings, high resolution (mega pixels), & convenient preinstalled functions preinstalled.

Once your camera selection has been made, the only thing left now is to get the proper lens. Being that everyone does different photography, well there are different lenses for different styles of work. For the beginner just starting off, I would aim for a basic 18mm-35mm lens. This lens is ideal for most scenarios and can deliver great portraits and great shots whether close or with moderate distance. You don’t initially need and expensive lens if you don’t even know how to work your camera yet. Great thing about the 18mm-35mm lens is that its pretty much the standard lens that most DSLRs come with. Im not an expert on cameras yet because I am still learning myself but I hope I was able to help anyone reading this writing here. To all the photographers, be great and dream BIG!


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