three simple I’s

Three Simple I’s

by Marites Ong Academy of Photography member

I got interested in photography a long, long time ago. I didn’t have the money to buy a camera so I just got contented in admiring that craft and put it on the side. I never thought that it would come back to me again after all those years that passed by. I can only say that I’m artsy, but a photographer – oh no, not me. But I knew that I love color combination and I know how to do it with my clothes, plus arranging home furniture and outlining their shapes in relevance to the size of space, this is doable. As a matter of fact anybody can do this.

I’d love to learn how to paint or even just to sketch. But I just don’t have the talent for that. But to look around and see the beauty of flowers, and the rising and setting of the sun, the washing ebb of the ocean on the beach and back to its enormous body of water, and the little baby that’s sleeping on a bassinet – what a great image to capture. That’s why I love to take pictures, because you can always freeze any moment that will stir your heart. You can capture images that can make you teary eyed or can make you laugh hysterically or just even to make you smile.

I think it would take some major aspects that are already in you to take on this kind of challenge; “becoming the photographer” challenge:

1) Interest – this is one aspect that would keep you going and glued to

something that you wanted to tackle, if it’s with photography – why not? Interest will prod you to start to act on something that can be done, something that should be done, or something that must be done. The intensity of your interest will start you to honing that skill, develop that talent, and to better your craft. But you know what, even though it would take talent to act on a certain task, activity, or hobby – it would take interest  to really fire it up. Sometimes it doesn’t take too much time before you really can capture that image or in another area – like sculpting a statuette that is unique amongst others. However, no matter how hard you work if you are not really interested in what you’re doing it won’t feel important, it won’t mean anything, or it won’t stimulate you. Your interest in it will keep you together and will make you embrace the entirety of that endeavor.

2) Inspiration – this is another aspect of life in general that you’ve got to have in order to get things done in a peculiar or exclusive way.

Upon being prodded into doing something, inspiration will be that enabling factor for you on how you would want to do it, how you would want it presented, or how you would want to achieve – that which you want to accomplish. By having inspiration – it will show your creativity, style, and/or artistry. Inspiration will reflect your focus on the art that you have crafted, and/or it will emphasize the emotion on the image that you have captured. But not only because we have what it takes to do great in any field – it would surely take a big amount of inspiration before we can even get that breathtaking workmanship. Inspiration would be the key to ignite all of these to work, if it’s in photography, why not?

3) Individuality – this is the characteristic that a person must always have, no matter what.

Your work will display your personality, and uniqueness. Whatever color combination you use, whatever settings you put your camera on, whatever technique you apply, whatever form of art you are getting into – it will be you and your individuality. Nothing more than this is important because you did it in your own way – and doing it your way is of course particularly special. Individuality should impart influence to others, I believe style and technique is encompassed by your individuality too. Because everybody is different – I suppose each one of us has our own approach to any expanse of endeavor. But influencing people in a good way will be a great achievement, and that only your own individuality will be reflected in it –  if it’s about photography, why not?.


I am not a professional photographer yet, but I know I’m going to get there. Of course there are other characteristics that make a photographer, an artist, an individual – besides the three aspects above. It doesn’t take much to become distinct, surely it doesn’t take a lot in order to be a part of somebody else’ life. But it takes you, yourself in order to defeat you and yourself. So with all just the three simple aspects that were pointed out, keep in mind – that anybody can always get into any endeavor that is noble, productive, and influential. You can always make a difference that will be appreciated by others, if it’s through photography, why not? Well, what else can I say, go on and keep achieving that which is good.



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