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Article by Marites Ong   I walk everyday, and walking is a part of my life. Every step makes me see the beauty of a lot of things around me. […]

Article by Marites Ong


I walk everyday, and walking is a part of my life. Every step makes me see the beauty of a lot of things around me. Everyday a stride I take makes me realize that it is different from the ones that I made before. Walking brings me the opportunity to enjoy looking at the budding branches in spring time, the scorching sun rays in summer. And the yellow, the orange, and the red leaves in fall, and the blinding white snow in winter time.

But these subjects get me inspired, believe it or not. I get challenged to capture the image of that bud on a branch ñ to focus on its shape and to magnify the texture of its outside shell. It makes me take a deep breath and then exhale, releasing the tension I have inside my chest. Sometimes I see a bud on a branch and sometimes there’s a bunch of them in another branch. And when the buds bloom ñ they display their God-given beauty out in the open. So every eye that look could see and appreciate its alluring presence. I always see how beautiful it is when the bud becomes a flower, but I find it more pleasing to the eyes that there’s a bunch of them on the other branch, blooming and screaming – ìlook how beautiful we areî.

But when the sun says – ìI got the powerî. Oh my, how hot it would feel when it releases its energy. But no matter what time you see the sun and no matter how hot it gets when it shares its energy ñ it is nothing but radiantly amazing. The morning light of its rays will mesmerize you and the beauty of its setting will only captivate you. The different color that it emits on a whole day’s time ñ induces a thirst to wait on it and capture it until at least you get the fill and then wrestle with it again. It is yellow, it is gold ñ whatever it is ñ it gives you enjoyment in reminiscing its splendor after the day has gone by.

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And rainbow does not only appear due to the prism of sun rays and mists. Because the different colors of the leaves in the fall creates a kaleidoscope that only nature can produce, and reproduce, and duplicate, and replicate. No matter how you call it, and no matter what you call it ñ it is wonderful to witness how nature can carry on its daily chores in an impeccable precision. The leaves that once was green has turned into yellow, some of them has turned into orange, and others has turned into red ñ it is a mere display of personality and character that only nature and nature alone can execute.

And the snow neutralizes all these colors? Yes and no. When you see the snow covered roofs, trees, roads, cars, and sidewalks ñ would you think that it is bland and boring? Would you still see the beauty of the snow even if there’s snow everywhere? Would it still offer a challenge to capture the image of something white ñ as white as snow? Maybe the challenge is how can you make white as colorful? How can snow influence a happy thought in one’s mind? How can a cold weather even become a factor to having a warm heart? But the beauty of it all ñ lies in its simplicity. Because snow is white and white is not complicated. Or is it?

It drives me crazy to see and experience these changes take place. But to take a shot and freeze that moment and look at it time and time again, convinces me that changes in our lives bring not just havoc but beauty in its simple existence, form, and definition. And by how nature presents itself ñ it is wonderfully calming to know that these changes can be witnessed all over again.

I see nature invites my eyes in the landscape that it creates on its own. It makes me see a lot of things that are beautiful in my eyes. That’s why I walk everyday, and walking is a part of my life, and I walk with nature.



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