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Wedding photography critique Hello Christian As mentioned to you in the open forum of your Academy of Photography, there are many ways of becoming a better photographer, and no better […]

Wedding photography critique

Hello Christian
As mentioned to you in the open forum of your Academy of Photography, there are many ways of becoming a better photographer, and no better place than a open forum, where everyone can share ideas and a story behind their picture. Gather ideas and try these when out in the field or in the office.
I would like to thank you for a well set out web site, user friendly and very informative way of learning. Thank you.
I have attached the three required photos, for you to look at and look forward greatly to your comments and where improvements could be made etc. Having other peoples ideas and opinions  always goes a long way. Once or if your happy with the images, and I’m on the right track, I would like to send more pictures for you to have a look at.
I know your a busy person, and thank you in advance for taking the time to help others who have a passion for photography. I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.
Kind regards
Andrew Visser



thank you for your submission. As a wedding photographer myself I might be a tad to critical but let’s have a look

Bride in car

DSC_0246 copy Car

Content 7 out of 10

Classic shot, very well executed, as I know not all weddings you get the good chance to have such a portrait. I would say this is you best image of the 3

Composition 5 out of 10

she is not in the middle as this image does not ask for symmetry, she is not on the rule of thirds…where is she? I like the perspective effect though, but probably could have used some more convincing composition rules.

Image quality 6 out of 10

I enjoy the simple style and the effect created. I think it looks good despite the contrast of the direct sunlight on her dress…..maybe next time you ask her to have her face into the sun and overexpose everything else

Final TRS mark 6 out of 10

I believe the average rating resulted a bit low on this due the lack of composition statement, otherwise I would say it is a good wedding shot


Wedding rings on the flower


Brisbane Wedding PhotographyDSC_0057

Content 3 out of 10

is it about the rings of the flower? confusing…

I know you see this everywhere but this does not help your jewellery shot if that was your intention.

Composition 3 out of 10

no composition, lack of balance, empty disturbing shady carpet. This image could be much better with little effort

Image quality 5 out of 10

light coming from nehind create shadow in the front…i would have done it the other way so you can have more detail.

Final TRS mark 5.3 out of 10

Not much comment, as I believe this is not the best you can do


Boy Portrait

Brisbane Wedding PhotographyDSC_0096-2

Content 3 out of 10

this is probably a snapshot during a wedding? If this is posed you could have avoided the plants which are in the way. If this is a candid shot, it is not very well executed.

Composition 3 out of 10

the postrait is well balanced but the plant is bothering me. Looks random, uncontrolled, not intent

Image quality 4 out of 10

Image is blurry with high ISO and that tells me you are still learning exposure in low light conditions

Final TRS mark 5 out of 10

Not sure why you chose this picture for comments as I can see you can do better on your website




I hope you do not take this critique too serious, I think it is a bit harsh and you wanted to hear more. I have been in your position and the good news is that you are better than this…judging by your website which I believe does not help your business if that is your intent. But this is photo critique, not website critique.

If you are interested in that, have a look on the business tips. you will find some experience about creating a better website




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