what is good photography

What is good photography As a photographer I kept asking myself this question many times. What are the ingredients of a goof photograph and why people study and practice a […]

What is good photography

As a photographer I kept asking myself this question many times. What are the ingredients of a goof photograph and why people study and practice a long time when all there is to do is to press one button.I believe I am the best photographer in the world, but I need to convince the others…how?¬†After years of experience I came up with few concepts and ideas of my own

Is it the subject, the colour balance, the composition? Is there one definition to capture all of that? Good photography is subjective, and all elements come into play

First I am going to define what makes a good photograph and what are the ingredients that come into play.

Definition of good photography:

A good photograph is an illustration, an image, a representation, of a story, message, feeling in a manner that appeals to the subjective side of people, makes people think, feel, act and change something. Definitions can vary from one person to another as different people have different perception, levels of understanding or culture.

The ingredients of good photography:

1. Knowledge of the photographer

The knowledge is split into few categories. Knowledge of the basics theory of photography, as time, aperture, ISO, composition, and lighting. One must know the basics components to be able to put them together.The photographer has to know how time influences the aperture for a good exposure, and how to use the existing available light or create artificial light to get the results.This knowledge comes with practice and it can become a reflex.
Also one must have the knowledge to use the equipment in the process of delivery.Obviously what results can you expect if you cannot adjust the setting of your camera to suit each individual shooting situation. Understanding basic concepts translates into selecting the correct camera settings and using other proper accessories.

2. Quality of equipment

Obviously camera is a tool and only a tool that helps some to deliver on outcome.It is known the the tool influences the creative process of the artist.You cannot be a good sculptor without the right tools, a good painter without the good pain and canvas and good photographer without the good gear. Whoever says that you can do good photography with a phone camera, talks nonsense. You might snap a good picture now and then but this is not about taking one photograph…but constantly deliver a high level of quality

3. Subject

Since the photography is the art of capturing an existing image, moment, one need something to photograph. If there is nothing to show, than there is no subject and we do not have this discussion anyway.I have never cared for a photo of a rock on the side of the road. I have never cared for clouds, no matter of their shape or form. I need to see something, or someone that I can relate to in any way to create a rapport. Otherwise the photograph is boring and un interesting. Of course there are many ways of capturing textures, grass, wood, forrest, water, sandstone, but I would not qualify that as good quality photography, but simple pleasant graphical expressions. No feeling, no message, no subject, that is not photography.



In addition to those fundamental elements described above there is a small percentage of chance. That is not controllable and it just comes and goes. This element can make the difference between a good photograph and a fantastic one.

This short presentation was just an short introduction in photography, a quick definition on what good photography, and the key ingredients of a good photo are: knowledge, Equipment, and subject.


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