how to become a member of Academy of Photography Academy of Photography is a open source education resource for whoever want to learn, share and communicate with other about photography. […]

how to become a member of Academy of Photography

Academy of Photography is a open source education resource for whoever want to learn, share and communicate with other about photography. If you have anything to share, idea, tutorials, photos for public comments, feel free to send us your articles and we will publish them for the larger community to see, learn and comment.

Have you ever purchased goods or services which you have just found out they are members or award winners of their respective fields? If you are to hire an accountant, would you go for a member of the chartered accountants panel, or just a freelancer? Did you ever buy wine with stars on the label?

In order to prove to your own audience or possible clients if you are any kind of professional photographer in any country, having a membership status which links you to an international recognised community will give you weight in your activity, and people will be more likely to purchase your products and services, in our case your photography.

you can send us your thought via to contact form or

at the following email address

contact [at]academy-of-photography[dot]com.

Benefits of becoming members of the Academy of Photography:

– recognition by our quality photography community

– the right to use the appropriate logo to your own marketing purposes

– access to our resources

– public profile on our Academy of Photography website

– all your submitted material will be approved faster once the first step of membership is achieved

– there is no cost involved for the first 100 members 


We have a 3 steps system of membership with the following conditions

Silver Member


In order to become a Silver Member of the Academy of Photography, you must submit at least 3 individual quality articles including images that will be approved


Gold membership




In order to receive the golden membership, one must have at least 5 articles approved and published


Platinum membership



People who are passionate about photography and wish to share knowledge and experience, and they contribute with at least 10 approved articles will receive Platinum Membership




Terms and conditions:

1.your article must be unique and with a relevant topic. We will not accept articles duplicated all over internet must include at least one photos taken by yourself and it is not taken without copyright consideration form other sources funny stuff to be sent as we have enough knowledge to smell the wrongs being sent to us.

4. you will be rewarded with links and author articles and accounts if you would like to become a regular writer. Future plans for the Academy include sales adds for the larger community to benefit your works


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on

Membership to the Academy of Photography

Qn:   Is there a time limit for the submission of articles?
Ans:  No, there isn’t.  As long as the third article is accepted, you would then be
enrolled as a Silver member of the Academy.
Qn:   How would I know if my article is accepted? 
Ans:  If your article is accepted, you would receive an email that would inform you of
its publication.  Due to the number of articles we receive, this may take up to ___ months.  We also regret that we would not be able to entertain any queries on whether your article will be published.
Qn:  Is there an expiry for the membership?
Ans: No, there isn’t.  In this sense, your membership would be automatically
upgraded to the next tier once you have reached the number of accepted articles required for each tier of membership.


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